Table of Contents

"Motivate me right!" © 2007 Stas Davydov
Translation © 2007 Olga Mexina

  1. Introduction.
  2. Attraction. Interview motivation. Don’t promise me the sky; I won’t believe you. I won’t tell you the truth; no matter how hard you try. I may do it voluntarily. If I want to. You have to earn it. Or you’ll be sorry. Don’t lie to me. I can sense it.
  3. Self-motivation. Everyone talks, but not many people know what it is. Neither do you.
  4. Money. Does money motivate you? It can demotivate you instead. Possibly, money is the only thing that keeps me here. Don’t let it come to this. Or you will lose control over the situation quickly.
  5. Employee contract. Take care to arrange it in the best interests of both sides. Take care to arrange it. Take care.
  6. Lack of communication. Talk to me. Write to me. Inform me. It is important. Did I fail the assignment? Then why are you telling me this half a year later? If you penalize me, then give me an explanation. If you give an incentive, then give me an explanation as well. Perhaps, I can read your thoughts, but if you don’t articulate them, they will be ignored. To hell with them!
  7. Feedback from bottom to top. What is my dream job? Convince me that you really care.
  8. Working hours. Why am I still at the office at 3 AM? I am doing an interesting job. I am in the right spot. You will keep seeing me here at this time. If I go home as soon as the working day ends, then you are doing something wrong. My bus leaves at eleven, I don’t give a shit about anything else.
  9. Favorite job. Let me do what I like, in the right spot, with the right people. Do you want to reduce my productivity to nothing? Give me a job that I don’t like. Do you want to do it twice as fast? Sit me with the wrong crowd.
  10. Mutual respect. It is difficult to achieve, but very easy to lose.
  11. Microclimate. Air conditioner is, surely, a cool thing. But even if your team consists of professionals that worship each other, you will reduce its productivity if you sit together people with different climatic preferences.
  12. Benchmarking. All things are known by comparison. You cannot stop me from sharing my experience with my colleagues from other companies. You cannot stop me from reading books. Have no doubt that I will find a flaw, even if you consider your firm to be flawless, that’s what you think. You can ask around, spy, steal, after all, if you yourself don’t know what’s best.
  13. Work unrelated to work. Don’t take away my favorite pastime. It does not cost you anything, really. I need it. Yes, I am doing it on my work time, but your prohibition will not guarantee you that I will spent the vacant time to your benefit. Support me as that may be to your advantage.
  14. Responsibility. I am not afraid of it. If I can’t take responsibility because it does not exist, I won’t be happy. I’ll get used to it, though, and I will tell you to go fuck yourself, when you ask me about it. If I reject your offer to take responsibility for something, it is already a sign that I don’t give a shit about my job.
  15. Management structure matters. If you don’t get it, read some books, please. Are you on the top? I can see your polka-dotted underwear through the whole in your pants. I won’t take you seriously. If you turn up your nose, you’ll step in shit. Some people will be ready to shove a pile right under your feet. Be closer and plainer, then, maybe, you will understand what I mean.
  16. It’s time to scram. Quitting is the best way to get to know your company.
  17. Appendix (Gadget); a verified method to evaluate the motivation of an individual, a team or even a whole company.
  18. Afterword.
  19. Feedback.
  20. Index.

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